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Okotoks Rotary Performing Arts Centre, February 23, 2019

>  Sold-Out Debut of "An Evening of James" - the music of James Taylor

The Readers are a family adventure which has long been a dream for veteran singer/songwriter Jim Reader.  He couldn't be more proud than to perform with his talented (adult!) children.  This exciting family group is in the embryonic stage, debuting with "An Evening of James" - the music of James Taylor.  This concert is the first variation of their musical capabilities. The strong and versatile voices of Julie and Jacqui Reader provide for lead vocals and super tight harmonies.  Jim's unique finger picking style along with keyboard wizard Neil Henry and bass virtuoso Wes Caswell underscores wonderful vocals with a great overall sound.

"With seasoned musicians and exceptional three-part family harmonies, this is simply great music!"  

Trent Worthington, Former Acting Artistic Director, ProCoro Canada, Edmonton, AB

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